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Lord of the Rings Tattoos

November 27th, 2005 · 3 Reacties 

Of the 9 members of the Fellowship of the Ring 8 have gotten a small tattoo at a tattoo parlor in Wellington (NZ).

A quote from Orlando Bloom from an interview I found on:
From whom was the idea of the fellowship tattoo?
I think it was mine, I don’t know [laughs]. I already had a tattoo on my belly. I thought of the tattoo to celebrate our friendship, the time we spent together in New Zealand. Viggo called a tattoo parlor and asked if it was possible to do nine tattoos at the same time, on a Sunday. The man refused.
The next day, Viggo went to the tattoo parlor wearing Aragorn’s clothes, with his sword in one hand. [ laughs ]. So, he explained that we were making the movie Lord of the Rings. The man opened his tattoo parlor just for us. All the nine got the tattoo done, a nine in elvish. Even Sir Ian McKellen got one…

The whole interview can be read here:

On the first pic you see a shot of the movie ‘Pirates of the Caribbean‘ and on the last pic Orlando’s bellytattoo.

Elijah Wood’s tattoo is on his lower stomach.

Dominic Monaghan wears his one on his arm:

Ian McKellen’s is on his shoulder:

Sean Bean:

Sean Astin wears it on the ankle same as Billy Boyd. They felt this was significant to their experiences as hobbits and all the time spent in �??Feet�??:

Viggo Mortensen wears one but no one knows where.

The 9th tattoo was put of the stunt double of John Rhys-Davies.

In a chatsession John got a question about this. You can read his answer here:

ChatMod: barbie Claws to chatmod: Hiya John. Elijah Woods said in an interview that the fellowship all got elvish 9 tattoos…so if there’s any truth to that wanna tell us where you got it?

JohnRhysDavies: “9 there were of the Fellowship. And 9 tattoos were made.”
JohnRhysDavies: This fiendish decision was taken in a drunken meeting in a pub in Queenstown.
JohnRhysDavies: I was not present, but was presented with a fait acompli.
JohnRhysDavies: The elvish tattoo was designed but, as I am a professional actor, whenever there’s anything dangerous or that involves blood, I sent my stunt double to do it.
JohnRhysDavies: So I’m proud to state that I sent my stunt double to do it.
JohnRhysDavies: I can only guess, with horror, in what fiendish place it resides.
JohnRhysDavies: (If I had a tattoo for every film I was in, I’d be a walking billboard by now!)

(The whole interview can be read on

If you like to have your name in Elvish aswell follow this link:
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