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Skin Stories: de kunst en cultuur van de Polynesische Tattoo

June 12th, 2006 · Geen reacties 

Tijdens het surfen kwam ik deze site tegen over polynesische tattoo’s : Hier wordt precies uitgelegd hoe de polynesische tattoo tot stand is gekomen, wat de betekenis van sommige moko’s is en je kunt leuke postcards naar iemand e-mailen.

Ze hebben dan ook een uitgebreid overzicht van termen die gebruikt worden in polynesi√ę:

[LET OP - S = Samoaans; M = Maori; H = Hawaiaans]

    • Aiga ‚?? extended family (S)
    • Ala Niho ‚?? leg stripe tattoo design lit. tooth path (H)
    • Alaka’i ‚?? guide or leader (H)
    • Ali’i ‚?? sacred chiefs (S,H)
    • ‘Ama’u ‚?? a fern that grows up in the uplands (H)
    • Aotearoa ‚?? “Land of the Long White Cloud” (Maori name for the North Island of New Zealand)
    • Ariki ‚?? sacred chiefs (M)
    • Au ‚?? special tattooing comb (S)
    • ‘Aumakua ‚?? ancestral guardian spirit (H)
    • ‘Aumakua Pueo ‚?? an Hawaiian ancestral guardian that manifests as an owl
    • ‘Awa or ‘Ava ‚?? Piper methysticum; a plant in the pepper family; a narcotic drink made from the roots of this plant (H)
    • Fue ‚?? fly whisk (S)
    • Halau ‚?? schools (H)
    • Hale Mua ‚?? the first formal institute of learning in which a Hawaiian male enters
    • Hapu ‚?? sub-tribe (M)
    • Hulu Pueo ‚?? the feathers of the owl (H)
    • Inu ‘Awa ‚?? to drink ‘awa (H)
    • Kahuna ‚?? a master artist, artisan, or craftsman (H)
    • Kakau ‚?? (v.) traditional Hawaiian art of tattooing
    • Kapu ‚?? taboos (H)
    • Kau√§ ‚?? a class of Hawaiian outcasts (H)
    • Kava ‚?? Piper methysticum; a plant in the pepper family; a narcotic drink made from the roots of this plant; also ‘ava, ‘awa, or kavakava
    • Koru ‚?? spiral – a common design in Maori tattooing, carving and other arts
    • Kuleana ‚?? responsibility, privilege (H)
    • Lima ‚?? tattoos on the hands (S)
    • Mai’a ‚?? a fruit that has seeds, but doesn’t grow from seeds; banana (H)
    • Malu ‚?? tattoo on a woman’s thighs (S)
    • Mana ‚?? a person’s spiritual power or life force
    • Matai ‚?? a person with a chiefly title (S)
    • Moko ‚?? traditional tattoo art (M)
    • Moko Kauae ‚?? woman’s chin moko
    • Moku O Keawe ‚?? a poetic name for the island of Hawai’i
    • Nahiri ‚?? spiritual plane
    • Pahupu ‚?? an elite company of Hawaiian warriors from Maui
    • Pakeha ‚?? white people
    • Pala’ai ‚?? coward
    • Pe’a ‚?? an intricate tattoo that covers the body from mid-torso to the knees (S)
    • Pe’ahi Niu ‚?? crescent fan; Hawaiian tattoo design based on the fan
    • Pitau ‚?? unfurling fern frond; Maori spiral design based on the fern
    • Pito ‚?? belly button; Maori spiral design based on the belly button
    • Pounamu ‚?? New Zealand jade, Nephrite jade; commonly called Greenstone
    • Pueo ‚?? the Hawaiian owl
    • Puhoro ‚?? an intricate Maori tattoo extending from mid-torso to the knees, which featured the characteristic design of a spiral on the buttock
    • Pule ‚?? a prayer, to pray (H, S)
    • Siva ‚?? traditional Samoan dance
    • Ta Moko ‚?? the process of tattooing
    • Ta’ Rapanui ‚?? traditional tattoo art
    • Tanoa ‚?? ‘ava bowl (S)
    • Tatatau ‚?? Tongan traditional tattoo art
    • Tatau ‚?? Samoan traditional tattoo art
    • Teorewai ‚?? a Maori tribe whose name means “to gently swivel the water so that it ripples and splashes just a little.”
    • Te Waipounamu ‚?? “The Greenstone Waters” (Maori name for the South Island of New Zealand)
    • Tohunga ‚?? a master artist, artisan, or craftsman (M)
    • To’oto’o ‚?? orator’s staff (S)
    • Tufuga ‚?? a master artist, artisan, or craftsman (S)
    • Tulafale ‚?? talking chiefs (S)
    • Uhi ‚?? Maori tattoo chisel, sometimes serrated; (n.) Hawaiian traditional tattoo art
    • Wananga ‚?? a gathering, often for educating others (S)
    • Whakapapa ‚?? one’s genealogy (M)
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